Should I Contact A DUI Attorney If I Was Arrested For A DUI In Virginia?

A driver that has recently been arrested under suspicion of a DUI will be facing a time-consuming and potentially expensive ordeal in the coming months. A DUI can be extremely complex, and many drivers are unsure of their rights and responsibilities during their hearing or trial. Due to the severity of these cases, no one should attempt to navigate through this legal process without an experienced DUI attorney in Richmond by their side.

Virginia DUI Laws

The key to beating a DUI charge begins with in-depth knowledge about Virginia’s current DWI and DUI laws. Even drivers that feel as if they may have been over the limit could have been wrongfully pulled over or be facing punishments that are well beyond what they legally deserve. In this commonwealth, a DUI can be issued to a minor that has any alcohol in their system, to adults that are older than 21 with a BAC of .08 percent, and to commercial drivers with a BAC of .04 percent. Even more confusing is the fact that an officer can always arrest if they believe that the driver is in any way impaired by drugs or alcohol.

The Penalties of a Conviction

Unlike other traffic tickets such as speeding or an illegal lane change, a DUI conviction is going to follow a driver for years on end. This begins with a minimum of a five-day jail sentence, a one-year license suspension, and 250 dollars in base fines. While 250 dollars may sound affordable for some drivers, the final costs will be much higher. A first-time offender can expect the final expenses to go as high as $3,000. This does not include an increase in their insurance rates or extended impound fees if their vehicle was impounded. They may also be liable for the installation and monthly lease of an ignition interlock device.

How to Beat a DUI

Beating a DUI will require a serious investment of time, and this is especially true for repeat offenders. An experienced Virginia DUI attorney will be able to help drivers not only collect important information but also file paperwork and schedule appointments promptly. Data that is unimportant, such as a comment that the arresting officer made, could become vital during the trial. With so much at risk, no driver should ever take on the legal system alone after being arrested for a DUI or DWI in Richmond Virginia.